KISS: Grilled Pastrami Sandwich – AKA: YUM!

Introducing my favorite category here, right after anything that involves sweets or baking: Keep it Simple Saturday! (And I’m posting this on a Friday. My organizational skills are top notch. OR! Perhaps I’m posting it on Friday so that you can gather your ingredients in time to make it on Saturday. Yeah! Lets run with that!) This category will be full of things you can throw together in a hurry without having to resort to canned chili. (Which I had for dinner last night, so I suppose I’m not above that, either!) Anyway, on with the show!

I wanted to call this a panini, but I wasn’t sure exactly what it means to BE a panini and I didn’t want the Panini police to show up and take me to panini prison or anything. Besides that, panini is italian and I’m sure they wouldn’t approve of their name being on this sandwich. I actually think panini is the plural form of panino or something, but lets not get sidetracked here. Lets make a sandwich.

I got this handy Cuisinart Griddler for Christmas. Which is to say, I had it on my Christmas list and then saw it at Costco for much cheaper and bought it and left it in the car until Christmas. If you don’t have one, do not fret! You can fry this baby up in a pan just like any other grilled sandwich, and it will still rock your world.

Lets begin.

What to gather: Italian bread (you could use rye, but my husband doesn’t like rye so I don’t buy it because I can’t shouldn’t eat an entire loaf of it), butter (note to self: buy more butter), pastrami, pepper jack cheese (look! it’s low fat! I’m very health conscious today.), sauerkraut, pickles, mustard.

The first thing I did was to put the sauerkraut I was going to use into the microwave for a minute just to warm it up, since it had been in the fridge. I’ve made these without doing that, and didn’t notice it being cold, but I’m paranoid and stuff.

Preheat your pan/grill/griddle/panini press and get ready for the fun.

First, butter both slices of bread. On the outside. You could certainly use the margarine in a tub, I won’t judge you.

Lay one slice onto the preheated surface, butter side down. And get ready to move fast, you don’t want it to brown before you get the top on. That is, if you’re using a device that cooks both sides at the same time. I guess if you’re going to flip it, it doesn’t matter. But anyway, butter side down.

Pile on the pastrami. Or corned beef would be good, too.

Now the sauerkraut. I can’t be bothered with little bits that don’t make it. We’re on a mission here. A mission called Delicious.

Add some pickles. These are the handy sandwich slices that I got in the deli case because I like some crunch to my pickles. You can use whatever pickles you like.

Slather on some mustard. Just the plain ole yellow stuff. My husband puts his mustard on after, so that it doesn’t get warm, but I can’t be bothered with that, either. I just slap it on there all at once and then eat.

Now add my sweet sweet love… pepperjack cheese. You can even add 2 slices if you’re feeling lucky.

Now the other slice of bread, butter side UP.

Let the magic happen. Peek inside if you are using a griddler. If you’re using a griddler on your kitchen table to be closer to the light, like I am here, this might require you to actually climb on the table to get this angle. Just sayin’.

Eventually, this will happen:

Oh, mercy.

Baked chips. Again, very health conscious around here.

Grilled Pastrami Sandwich

2 slices italian bread
pepperjack cheese

Butter both sides of bread, and place one slice in preheated pan, butter side down. Layer with pastrami, sauerkraut, pickles, mustard and pepper jack cheese. Top with other slice of bread, this time butter side up. Cook until both sides are golden brown.

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