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Well, where do I start? It’s hard to know how much people REALLY want to know about you, and I am often accused of oversharing. I’ll try to keep it as brief as possible. Ish.

My name is Angie and once upon a time I used to love to cook. I collect cookbooks and I love to just “read” them, even if I never make a single thing out of them. I love to see what ingredients are called for and imagine how they would go together.

When my kids were small, and I didn’t have much of a life (as opposed to now, when they are bigger and I still don’t have much of a life), I did a ton of cooking. Full meal every night, including freshly baked bread and a homemade dessert was the norm. Lately… Taco Bell is the norm. But, I’m trying to do better, and thus a food blog was born.

I love that I’ve found a way to incorporate most of my favorite hobbies into one: cooking and then eating, photography, talking, etc. Another of my big hobbies is running, and believe me, that comes into play too. It’s not called How 2 Stay Fat for nothin’! You can see me above, working off some of these glorious calories. Marathon training is a good time for me, I can eat MORE than usual and still lose weight.

Speaking of it’s title, you can thank the awesome Allison for coming up with it. My hope is that she’ll be showing her face around here a lot as she’s an awesome cook, equally awesome writer, and a great person all around.

On a more personal level, I am a mom of 5 kids (4 boys and a girl, ages 17-5) and I live in Ohio. Sometimes my husband lives here, too, but more often he’s away on business. As all 5 of my kids are in school now, and my husband is out of town, one would think I have this relaxed and laid back life with a spotless house and all the laundry caught up. One would be wrong. Very very very wrong. Did I mention very? Rather than catch up on stuff I’m supposed to be doing, I just find new stuff to do. And here we are.

So, step over the toys, ignore the dirty dishes, and let me pour you a cup of coffee. We’ve got some eating to do!

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