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Sweet (Sweet) Sangria

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

It’s sweet. In case the title didn’t give it away. I like my Sangria sweet. You might not. I’ll give you a couple adaptations along the way in the event that you prefer it not as sweet, but then it’s no longer this recipe so I can’t promise it will be as good. Or sweet. Did I mention sweet?

Shut up and get to the booze, lady, I bet you’re saying.

What to Gather: Red wine (mine is Zinfandel, you can use whatever red you have in the house. I had this kind.), Frozen Orange Juice and Lemonade concentrate (my cans got all frosty and ugly while I was getting ready to take the picture, so I put them in that little bowl to save myself the embarrassment), Gingerale, Apricot Brandy, Grand Marnier, A Crap Load of Fruit.

Now we put it all together. This isn’t as complicated as it seems. Or as complicated as I’d always imagined it.

Start by dumping all your liquids into a glass pitcher (or bowl, but that makes it hard to pour into glasses later). You can use orange juice instead of the concentrate if you want a little less sweetness and orange KERPOW to it. In fact, depending on the type of wine, sometimes the OJ concentrate IS a bit much. Also, if you let the concentrate thaw first (or use orange juice instead), it’s easier to stir later. Continue on adding the brandy (you can use regular brandy also) and Grand Marnier (or Triple Sec to save a buck. Notice my expensive Grand Marnier alongside my grocery store brandy.), and the wine. The whole thing, just go for it.

Now start to slicing up your fruit. You can use whatever fruits you want/have/like/saw/found. I used orange, lemon, lime, cherries and a sour apple. Just slice em up and dump em in. I did cut my apple slices in half because they seemed disproportionate to the other slices, but eh whatever. Do whatchoo want.

Andddd, dump it in there. Refrigerate this overnight, or at least for several hours to allow the flavors to permeate. Or whatever happens in the dark of the refrigerator. Some fruity hanky panky, or whatever.

Oh look, through the magic of these series of tubes we call the internet, it’s the next day!

All that’s left to do now is add the fizzy stuff. I use ginger ale, because I like it sweet. Also, I’m from Michigan, and Vernors is the state beverage or something. They put you to death if you use any other ginger ale, I think. Lucky for me they carry Vernors here on planet Ohio, or I’d be in big trouble. Maybe even extradited.

You COULD add a splash of it to each glass. OR, you could just dump the whole thing in the pitcher and commit to finishing the whole thing with rapidity. Guess which one I do.

Mmm ya.

Pour some yummy Sangria into a glass, fish out some fruit to float around in it so you feel fancy and fruity and stuff, and enjoy!

Sweet Sangria

1 (750ml) bottle dry red wine
1/2 cup Apricot Brandy
1/2 cup Grand Marnier (or Triple Sec)
1/4 cup orange juice (or frozen concentrate)
1/4 cup frozen lemonade concentrate
1 lemon; sliced
1 lime; sliced
1 orange; sliced
1 granny smith apple; halved and sliced
maraschino cherries
16oz bottle ginger ale

In a pitcher or bowl, combine red wine, liquors and juices. Add sliced fruit and stir to combine. Refrigerate over night or for several hours. Immediately before serving, add ginger ale.

Amaretto Sour

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

I made this blog post at 1pm. I always eat (or in this case, drink) whatever I put on the plate for the picture. This means I had an amaretto sour at 1pm for no reason other than this post.

Now that we’ve had full disclosure, we can move on.

I love to go to the martini bar and order the froofiest most girly and ridiculous fruity ones they have. Which might explain why I put this drink in a martini glass, despite the fact that it’s not a martini. Or, it could be that I’m just weird. I don’t believe in formality here, put it in a dixie cup for all I care. Really, after the first one, it won’t matter.

What to gather: Amaretto, Sour Mix, Orange slices, Maraschino Cherries, Powdered Sugar and Ice.

Or, if it’s been a rough day, just the amaretto and sour mix. I do enjoy them more when I go the extra mile, though. so lets do that.

Hopefully you have one of these shaker things, but if not, you can use a spoon or whatever. It does make you feel all Cocktail to use this, though, so if you have one, use it.

First, we add the ice to the shaker. Amount not all that important, since we’re going to strain the drink off of it in 10 seconds anyway.

Then, carefully measure 3 ounces of amaretto and add it to the shaker. Or, just do this:

It’s not that scientific.

Add 2 precisely measured “splash”es of sour mix. Or:

It’s mostly amaretto with a touch of mix.

And shake. Oh wait, first put lid on. Then shake. Emo nailpolish optional.

Now right there it’s good enough to drink, and already better than any amaretto sour I’ve ever had at a bar. But, we’re living it up here. So, we’ll garnish.

Cut an orange by slicing it in half and then slices.

Add one orange slice and one (or 2) maraschino cherries to the bottom of the vessel of your choice. Really, you are supposed to put the orange cutely on the rim of the glass. Bah whatever. I just chuck it in there. We’re friends, right?

And strain amaretto and sour mix on top of it.

Sprinkle powdered sugar on top. Become embarrassed at the condition of your aged orange.

Enjoy drink and forget all about it.

Amaretto Sour
(technically, makes 2 if you put a cherry and orange in each glass)

3 ounces Amaretto
2 splashes Sour Mix
1 orange slice
1 maraschino cherry
powdered sugar

Add amaretto and sour mix to ice filled shaker; shake. Strain into glass, adding cherry and orange slice. Sprinkle top with powdered sugar.

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